Vocal Coach Reaction To Iron Maiden – Bruce Dickinson – Run To The Hills – Ken Tamplin

Iron Maiden was no overnight success story.

Maiden formed on Christmas Day, 1975, and spent the next four years scraping and fighting for recognition.

Maiden guitarists Dave Murray and Adrian Smith were childhood friends.
Smith bought his first electric guitar from Murray for 5 British pounds.

The original singer for Maiden was Paul Di’Anno but was replaced by Bruce Dickinson because of Paul’s self destructive drug habits.

In the early days, when touring, the band used to travel around and sleep in a truck that they had bought which they dubbed “The Green Goddess”.

Back in 1994, the nation of Bosnia was engaged in an immense war with all of its neighbors. In summary, the country of Yugoslavia — which all of the warring nations had originally belonged to — slowly crumbled between 1989 and 1992, which prompted all of the newly formed nations to begin fighting for supreme control over the area. Many civilians died in the resulting war, and every nation involved participated in horrific war crimes.

For pretty much the entirety of the Bosnian War, Bosnia’s capital of Sarajevo was under siege. About three years into the conflict, the UN tried to calm everyone down so that negotiations for peace could begin. It was during that lull that Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson decided to hold a concert in the war-torn country. However, when the band actually landed in the nearby country of Croatia, the fighting had once again escalated, deteriorating their safe passage into Sarajevo.

Fearing for the band’s safety, members were offered a plane ride back home, but they refused. Instead, they contacted The Serious Road Trip, a humanitarian group who carried supplies across the border into Bosnia, and hitched a ride in the dead of night. They risked life and limb to get themselves — and their equipment — into the besieged city; dodging snipers, landmines, and security checkpoints exposed them to the horror of the war.

When Iron Maiden reached Sarajevo, they found that the local musicians were forced to fight viciously to defend their homes. They had little hope of ever returning to their artistic careers, as their band mates and instruments were casualties of the war. The band was so affected by their experience that they donated all their spare equipment to Sarajevo’s struggling musicians, and some members even played guitar for kids.

The Band Once Stopped To Play An Impromptu Gig At A Wedding In Poland.

While Recording ‘Number Of The Beast,’ Iron Maiden’s Producer Got Into A Car Wreck, And The Repair Bill Was £666 (Ka Reepy!)

A lot more could be said about Iron Maiden, but again, I would like to express how hard working the band was to attain the level of success they achieved, and from the humble beginnings the band came from.

So I am reacting to Iron Maiden!

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