How To Breathe For Singing

In all my years of singing and teaching there are many concepts that are very elusive.

Much of the information I paid dearly for was either incomplete, flat out wrong, or confusing at best.

Often times it was information that was just parroted by vocal coaches from some textbook or some other coach they had learned from without proving it out themselves with their own voices.

Understanding breath control for singing is certainly one of those uncompromising building block techniques that cannot be missed or the whole house comes crashing down.

One coach told me “take in big hits of air in the lung,” while another coach told me, “you shouldn’t mount too much pressure in the lung.”

Yet another coach told me, “use more air” while yet another said: “feel like you are pushing your back muscles fanning out towards your tailbone.”

This list goes on and on (and this is only for breathing, not to mention all the other essential components for singing).

In this video, I give a brief tutorial on what it takes to breathe correctly when singing.

I hope you find this video informative on your singing journey. 🙂

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