How To Sing Good When Singing Alone

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Often times, when we singing alone, we get out our phone or other recording device and listen back to ourselves singing and ask ourselves: “Is that really how I sound?” – “I don’t like it!”

Well actually (depending on the quality of your recording device), the honest answer is yes, that is how we actually sound.

But there is something really cool in that.

Instead of focusing on things we hate (maybe bad pitch, tone, blandness and so on), let’s focus on the little glimpses of things we do like about our voice and expand that.

Then, (let’s take pitch for example), identify why something is happening.

Do we go off pitch at the same place every time?

Is “everything” off pitch?

Are there times we are on pitch?

In this video we walk through how to focus on positive things about our voice and then zero in on things that we don’t like.

Little by little as we are alone challenging ourselves, we find improvements and eventually get that voice we are looking for!

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