Vocal Coach Reacts to Audioslave | Chris Cornell | Set It Off | Gasoline | Live

Audioslave certainly made their live debut in New York City a memorable one, taking their performance to the rooftop of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Today I’ll be reacting to a few of the songs they played during the set back in 2002 where Audioslave became the first band to be able to play on David Letterman’s marquee.

The band ended up playing a 5 song set including “Light My Way”, “Gasoline”, two shots at “Cochise”, “Like A Stone”, and “Set It Off”.

I have always loved Chris’ great tone and this performance really showcases the unique melodies he brings to their songs.

I think you’ll get a kick out of this performance and I hope you enjoy the reaction. Please make sure to share what you thought!

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