Vocal Coach Reacts To Little River Band | Help Is On Its Way | Lady | Lonesome Loser

I’ve always loved the way Little River Band brings you along on a musical journey with all of the intricate parts that create in their songs.

The band came out of Australia and has undergone numerous changes of band members having gone through over 30 members through the years.

Known for their great harmonies, the band put out a lot of great music during the 70s and 80s and were hugely successful in both the United States and Australia.

The band saw six of their studio albums reach the top 10 in Australia and had 10 top singles that reached the Billboard Hot 100 in the US while going on to sell over 30 million albums.

I decided to create a medley of some of their live performances featuring some of their classic tunes, though I wasn’t able to include all my favorites due to their availability with YouTube.

I think you’ll recognize and enjoy the songs that are included in the video and please make sure to share with me your feedback!

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