Vocal Coach Reacts To Leela James | Fall For You

It’s so refreshing to see new artists that forgo autotune and get back to singing for the song rather than themselves.

Leela James takes on a more old school R&B style but brings her own unique artistry as she showcases her great tone.

She’s been working at it for a long time and got her start as an opening act for Macy Gray and The Black Eyed Peas back in 2004.

A year later she released her debut album which included elements of soul, funk, R&B and gospel. She also wrote the majority of the songs from the album which also included collaborations with Kanye West and Wyclef Jean.

Leela has gone on to release 6 albums and her more recent titled Did It For Love, was her most successful. The single “Don’t Want You Back” reached number 1 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs and became her highest charting single ever.

Today I’ll be reacting to one of her tunes called “Fall For You” which was the title track from her 5th album. I hope you all enjoy the video and please be sure to share your feedback!

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