What Makes This Singer Great? FREDDIE MERCURY

The next singer in our series What Makes This Singer Great is an unforgettable legend that we all know and love, the great Freddie Mercury.

Even at a young age Freddie’s talent was evident and when his principal headmaster at St Peter’s noticed Freddie’s musical abilities, he wrote to his parents suggesting that they might wish to pay a little extra on Freddie’s school fees to enable him to study music properly. Fortunately they agreed, and Freddie began to learn to play the piano.

In 1967 after Jimi Hendrix exploded onto the scene, Freddie became an ardent fan and spent time sketching and drawing his hero. He went on to frame the drawings and used them to decorate the walls of his flat in Kensington.

Freddie later used his drawing abilities to design Queen’’s logo using the band member’s birth signs: two fairies for him (Virgo), two lions for Roger and John (Leo) and a crab for Brian (Cancer).

As a musician Freddie was innovative, an incredibly talented songwriter, and was not afraid to take chances. In today’s video we’ll explore more in depth what distinguished him as we look at some of his music.

I’d love to hear what you thought made Freddie great so please feel free to let me know what you thought in the comments!

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