What Makes This Singer Great? Chris Cornell

The great Chris Cornell is probably my favorite modern rock singer of all time and today we’ll look at why.

Possessing a powerful voice with an incredible, nearly four-octave range, Chris was also known for his epic screams which were in a class of their own.

Most well known as the frontman to Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris was also an accomplished songwriter and guitarist.

Throughout his career he sold over 30 million records worldwide and was nominated for 16 Grammys. He was also ranked “Rock’s Greatest Singer” by Guitar World magazine.

Chris also pursued a solo career, in addition to other musical projects including Temple of the Dog and had reunited with Soundgarden at the time of his death.

I’ll be digging into one of his live performances and sharing what impressed me about Chris. I’d love to hear what stood out about him for you so please share with me in the comments!

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