What Makes This Singer Great? Ian GIllan – Deep Purple

Ian Gillan’s music was for me, truly the cornerstone of rock and roll.

His style was both legendary and innovative and he pioneered the use of low, growly vocals paired with super high range screams.

Originally influenced by Elvis Presley, Ian fronted multiple bands before eventually joining on with Deep Purple.

He enjoyed a lot of commercial success with the band before deciding to branch off on his own and do some solo projects and a stint with Black Sabbath.

Eventually he would rejoin Deep Purple for two more albums before leaving again in 1989. 4 years later he returned to the band and has remained the frontman ever since.

In addition to his music, Ian also took on the role of Jesus in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar and his performance of “Gethsemane” is one of my favorites.

For today’s video I’ll be looking at a series of epic performances of some of his classics. I hope you enjoy it and please make sure to share what you thought made Ian great!

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