What Makes This Singer Great? Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach was the quintessential example of a lead singer of a 80s metal hair band: good looking, charismatic, and a long vocal range to match his long blonde hair.

The Canadian frontman got his first official gig at the age of 14 with the band Kid Wikkid who were based out of Ontario.

5 years later he was spotted by Bon Jovi’s parents while singing at a wedding who then recommended that Sebastian try out for their son’s friend’s band.

Bach ended up getting the gig as lead singer to Skid Row and the band went on to be a huge success in the late 80s and early 90s, selling over 20 million records and reaching multi-platinum status.

After leaving the band, Sebastian continued to perform both solo and in other group projects including a stint on Broadway.

I’ll be taking a look at a couple of his live performances and we’ll look at what I thought made him great. I’d love to hear what stood out about Sebastian for you so please share with me in the comments.

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