How To Sing Like Ann Wilson – Heart

As one of the greatest female rock singers of all-time, Ann Wilson really was a range Queen, but that wasn’t always the case.

I tend to think of Ann’s career in two different waves and if you look at her early 70s stuff, she didn’t really sing with a lot of range at that point in her career.

The range she later displayed was something she grew into and just like the rest of us, she had to work at it to get to that level.

As we explore the techniques Ann uses to get that power and strength, I’ll be sharing with you some performances from our own KTVA students who also demonstrate what kind of progress you can make when you really apply yourself.

I’ll be breaking down how you can use the KTVA method to achieve the same diaphragmatic support that both Ann and my students demonstrate.

I hope you all find the video helpful, and please be sure to share your feedback in the comments!

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