Rob Halford has been named one of the “greatest voices in rock” and is known by his fans as “Metal God”. Today I’ll show you what he does so you can learn How To Sing Like Rob.

Rob’s vocal style has been described as being able to “effortlessly alternate between a throaty growl and an ear-splitting falsetto”.

Best known as the lead vocalist of Judas Priest, Halford has been with the band since 1969. After briefly branching out on a solo career, he reunited with the band in 2003 and continues to play with them to this day.

While Rob primarily sings in head voice, he does alternate to chest voice as well, using head voice for his epic screams while belting in his lower chest register.

I’ll break this all down as I also demonstrate how it can be done while I take on both “Painkiller and “You Got Another Thing Coming”.

I hope you all find the video to be helpful and please be sure to share your feedback in the comments section!

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