What Makes This Singer Great? Don Henley

Most of us know Don Henley as the co-lead vocalist and drummer to the highest-selling band in American history.

In addition to his contribution to the Eagles, Don has also enjoyed a very successful solo career and has been ranked one of the greatest singers of all-time by Rolling Stone.

Henley joined his first band in high school and after multiple name changes, the band ended up catching the attention of country singer Kenny Rogers.

The group ended up disbanding after creative differences however and that same year Don partnered with Glenn Frey to form the Eagles.

The band has gone on to sell over 150 million records, release 5, number 1 singles and win 6 Grammy awards.

After the band broke up in 1980, Don went off on his own and continued to enjoy his own success, selling over 10 million albums which included 8 top 40 singles and 2 more Grammys.

I’ll be taking a look at a more recent performance of Don on the Howard Stern Show as he sings the classic “The Boys Of Summer”. I’d love to also hear what you thought made Don great so please share in the comments!

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