What Makes This Singer Great? Paul Rodgers

Rolling Stone has ranked Paul Rodgers one of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” and he is certainly one of my greatest vocal influences.

After spending his early days playing in local bands, Paul left his hometown of Middlesborough for the London music scene.

Shortly after, he joined the band Free as singer/songwriter where he would co-write the tune “All Right Now” which was a number one hit in more than 20 territories with the band being at one point, the highest grossing British act next to Led Zeppelin.

After leaving Free, Paul eventually started Bad Company which ended up being the first band signed to Led Zeppelin’s new record label Swan Song. The band would tour for the next 9 years and went on to produce six platinum albums.

Rodgers left the group in 1982 pursuing various stints with other bands, in addition to a solo career before reuniting with Bad Company in the late 90s.

I’ll be looking at a live performance of Paul’s as I share what I thought made him great. I’d love to hear your input as well, please be sure to share the comments section!

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