How To Sing Like Steven Tyler – Aerosmith

Steven Tyler takes on a lot of different styles of singing, even though his singing style itself is very unique and very identifiable.

Today we’re going to dive into how Steven does his thing as we explore his early days when he sang a lot of lower belted mid-voice, on to his later progression to higher range stuff that included those epic screams.

From his charisma, to his songwriting, to his ability to continually evolve, Steven really is the whole package.

Vocally, his stuff is pretty high both for males and females but I’m going to show you how the KTVA method works both for guys and girls as some of our own KTVA students demonstrate some of Steven’s songs along with me.

We’ll demonstrate how using good open throat technique allows us to take a nice, big sound and be able to apply it to easily achieve those smaller sounds as well.

I hope you all enjoy the video and please be sure to share your feedback and in the comments section!

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