Roxette – Must Have Been Love – cover – Kati Cher

Kati Cher has repeatedly shown us her ability to take on all different styles of music and today she continues to demonstrate that as she takes on the 90s power ballad “It Must Have Been Love”.

The song was recorded by the Swedish pop duo Roxette and was originally released as a Christmas single in 1987 which went on to become a top 5 hit in Sweden.

After the band was approached to contribute to the soundtrack for the film Pretty Woman, the song was edited and rewritten to omit the Christmas references.

The tune ended up becoming an international hit in the summer of 1990 and was the second most successful song of that year behind Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On”, while also being certified gold in the US.

We hope you enjoy Kati’s take on this classic tune and please be sure to share with us how you thought she stacked up in the comments!

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