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Audioslave – Chris Cornell – Show Me How To Live – ft Gabriela Gunčíková

By July 30, 2021August 1st, 2021No Comments

“Show Me How To Live” used some particularly unique effects which included Chris Cornell apparently striking his throat with the side of his hand while changing pitch in addition to Tom Morello’s phasing, fluttering effect on guitar.

What other songs specifically stand out for you with their use of unconventional effects? Share with me in the comments!

Produced by the legendary Rick Rubin, the song was released off Audioslave’s debut album and climbed its way to number 2 on Billboard’s Mainsteam Rock Track chart.

In their six years together, Audioslave released three albums, received three Grammy nominations, and sold more than eight million records worldwide.

We hope you enjoy Gabriela’s version of this unforgettable tune!

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