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Voice cracking can happen for many different reasons.

So there is not a “one size fits all” to stop voice cracking however there are some fundamental things we can do to minimize this and hopefully stop at all together.

The greatest culprit to voice cracking is usually a lack of diaphragmatic support.

So this would be our first “go to” to curb voice cracking.

I have several free YouTube tutorials on this and cover this extensively in my singing course.

Next in line is a stress response. Being tense when we sing. Understanding how to completely rely on abdominal strength and diaphragmatic breathing, relaxing the torso, the chest, the neck, and the throat minimizes this stress and can virtually eliminate it when done correctly.

Next up is pinching and squeezing in the throat. Learning good “open throat technique” is key to this. We build muscle memory for maintaining the vocal tract within our throat to stay open so that it does not collapse when we sing. Kind of like building a strong tunnel for our throat’s for our vowel sounds.

When this is accomplished we can build stamina and strength in the throat and can uphold and sustain more sound pressure in the throat as well as sustaining longer phrases.

I cover all of this in my singing course

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