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Warming up your voice correctly is a very misunderstood concept.

Many people think that they’re just going to blast through a few scales in 15 or 20 minutes and then they are “good to go” to sing.

This is very shallow thinking at best.

For one thing the voice is very fragile and organic and varies from day today.

There are also many different voice types that need to be warmed up differently.

And, depending on the condition of your voice, is it tired from lack of sleep, is it a bit hoarse from singing too much the day before, is it froggy from coming off a cold or flu etc.?

All of these conditions and more make a tremendous difference in how we were on our voices up correctly.

In this video I provide some basic fundamental ways to warm up your voice correctly in most circumstances.

We do not want to “slam” our voices or “shock” our voices into “waking up” too quickly.

This is Key.

Of course we needed to learn the fundamental building blocks for how to sing, such as support, relaxation response, good open throat technique, bright “ping” in the sound of our voice and not using too much air etc..

I cover all of this and more in my singing course.

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