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How To Sing Dream On – Aerosmith – Steven Tyler

By November 17, 2021No Comments

Back in 1973, when I was literally 10 years old, I remember hearing the song “Dream on” by Aerosmith for the very first time.

I was enamored with Steven Tyler’s screams.

As a little tyke I remember going around the neighborhood screaming dream on dream on when one of the neighbor moms came running out to ask me if I was OK ha ha.

I never dreamed that 47 years later I would be teaching it as a tutorial.

But this is the evidence of how much an artist can have an influence and inspiration on another artist.

I learned how to sing Dream On and many other Aerosmith songs as well as other bands that I liked. This contributed to me becoming the singer that I am.

And I wanted to share those singing experiences with you in hopes to help make you a better singer 🙂

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