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How To Sing High Notes

By November 26, 2021No Comments

Since the dawn of modern singing, it seems as though the world has become obsessed with “hitting the high note”.

But I think we need to take a closer look at why this is difficult and what else is involved in hitting this high note consistently and accurately.

What is incredibly overlooked is that building strength in the middle voice before the high note is the very foundation that helps us hit that high note over and over again with consistency.

In other words, a famous opera tenor named Caruso once said: “The deeper the roots, the taller the trees”.

His point is that you must have that high note anchored in something that can sustain it.

Turns out that building stamina in the middle voice with confidence gives you not only the ability to buttress or “hold up” that high note, but the confidence to relax the body enough to hit that high note without strain or stress.

And the more we strengthen our voices from the ground up, the more consistency we have in hitting those high notes over and over.

I have a whole huge section on this in my singing course.

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