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How To Sing Numb – Linkin Park – Chester Bennington

By November 9, 2021No Comments

When people think of the band Linkin Park, songs like “Numb” come to mind.

Chester Bennington and the band had an extraordinarily unique sound.

In a similar fashion to what Evanescence did, combining rap and rock, Linkin Park took it to a whole new level.

But it didn’t stop there. Chester with a very unassuming soft “boy like” melodic voice, could morph that voice into a ferocious growling monster. In fact he is one of the few people that set the stage for this style of singing to gain popularity.

In this video I wanted to demonstrate Chester’s amazing contrast between these two different voice types and how they could be sung safely and carefully to be reduplicatable time and time again again.

I hope you find this video inspiring and informative as you continue on your journey for great singing 🙂

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