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Steel Dragon – Stand Up And Shout ft. Ken Tamplin

There were several songs that were “stand out” songs from the cult classic movie “Rockstar.”

As many know, the movie was loosely based on the story of Ripper Owens taking the place of Rob Halford from Judas Priest.

The band name in the movie was Steel Dragon which was also loosely taken from the name of the rock band Steelheart.

Members of Steelheart along with Jeff Scott Soto and others performed the tracks.

This particular song, “Stand Up” was also written by none other than Sammy Hagar.

Several songs in this movie are quite difficult to perform so I thought it would be another feather in the cap to take on “Stand Up.”

But I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted to do it “somewhat”
in the style of Ronnie James Dio.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of this cult classic as much as I enjoyed performing it 🙂

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