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How To Sing Black Hole Sun – Chris Cornell – Soundgarden

By December 1, 2021No Comments

In this video I show you the singing techniques I use in my recording of Chris Cornell/Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. Join me as we work through this song together.

The more I am immersed with Chris Cornell, his singing and songwriting, the more impressed I have become with him as an artist over the years.

Not the least of which is Black Hole Sun and its incredible Beatle-esque influences along with his signature distorted vocal tone and the psychedelia that goes along with this song.

While I know that Chris is notorious for his high range, what I love and appreciate about this song is that it showcases more of his songwriting and creativity than his vocal calisthenics.

I also wanted to unpack how this song was sung in hopes that you would be inspired to give it a try yourself!

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