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How To Sing Is This Love – Whitesnake – David Coverdale

By December 31, 2021No Comments

I remember when I first heard this song how initially disappointed I was, feeling like Whitesnake had sold out to the pop ballad rock AOR market. I distinctly remember this feeling with REO Speedwagon as well with “Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore”.

Like most hard rockers, I wanted to hear more versions of “Keep on Rollin” and not a sappy ballad. This was true for me for a lot of bands that I liked particularly in the 80s such as Bad English doing “When I see you smile” and a few others. (Yet I loved Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is”). So I’m not sure what measuring stick I used, but to hear Whitesnake do such an out-of-character song was a little hard for me to swallow.

But as the years went by (and I got a little older, ha ha!), I began to appreciate these kinds of songs more and more based on their merit and quality rather than my own personal prejudice.

And it is also precisely the reason why I feel qualified to teach people how to sing it: because it penetrated my heart in a way that allowed me to internalize it and re-present it to you in order to help you learn all of the nuance of this song and how to sing it.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I hope you find this vocal information beneficial on your singing “Journey” 🙂

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