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Unsung Heroes Of Rock – Who Did We Miss?

By December 10, 2021No Comments

Often, as is true with many things, the most popular things are not necessarily the best things.
That isn’t to say that popular things can’t be the best but it’s usually what I call “flavor of the month” popularity.

In this video, I wanted to honor a lot of the singers that slipped through the cracks of today’s popularity contest for singing.

For example, rock singers like Freddie Mercury, Sebastian Bach, Steve Perry, Steven Tyler and a couple of others, have enjoyed incredible “resurgence popularity.”

However, there are some absolutely phenomenal singers that did not make the grade of that popularity contest and that I felt deserved to be honored and showcased.

So I went to my 130 thousand members Facebook page and asked people who they felt should be acknowledged.

And based on that information I put together this video for you guys and for these amazing talented singers and I titled it Unsung Heroes of Rock.

I sincerely hope that these amazing talented vocalists get their voices heard as I do my small part to show them honor and respect for their contribution to the Rock Community.

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