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How To Sing Vocal Riffs, Licks, And Runs

I have a little bit of mixed emotions about this one.
But I’m going to give you the golden key into unlocking your favorite licks, tricks, runs and riffs.

The reason I have mixed emotions about this is there are a few things we should understand if we want to be mature, quality singers.

1) the vocal riff should complement a song and a melody and not detract from it to show off how awesome we think we are at how many notes we can sing per second. This is true for instrumentalists as well.

2) the vocal run should not be distracting to a song and drawing attention only to the person’s vocal ability. It should create excitement and showcase the melody and the story and energy of a song and not be an “it’s all about me” neon sign within a song.

3) if you’re going to do a vocal run or riff, make dang sure it’s in pitch and tastefully appropriate, and not just a machine-gun of notes flying at unsuspecting bystanders.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started.

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