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Robert Plant – Singers Then And Now

By January 19, 2022No Comments

The goal of this series is not to make fun of people, to show a picture of them in their youth and then mock them in their older age.

The goal is to showcase how voices have sustained over time. And who has taken care of their voices and who hasn’t, and what was the result. And what could’ve been done differently for those that did not take care of the voices.

Could they have sustained their voices? And can they be rehabilitated now? Some singers (few) are just gifted with great genes and have been able to sustain their voices on their own. This is a rare exception. The rest of us mere mortals have to work at it, just like we have to work at our voices to get range, pitch, power, control, longevity, stamina, and so forth.

In addition, it’s just really cool to check out the incredible careers of these artists and marvel at their singing.

So today, we are looking at none other than Mr. Robert Plant!

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