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Secret Way To Improve Pitch

By January 4, 2022No Comments

One of the greatest challenges we face when we lack confidence in something is the giant mountain we think we have to climb to overcome a fear, a goal, or a weakness.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned about overcoming fear or conquering a weakness or reaching a goal in my life is facing it head on.

However, this also can present its challenges in the arduousness and tedium it takes to make progress step-by-step.

Let me use exercise as an example.

Please don’t laugh at me and this may sound silly but I’m gonna say it anyway.

In my younger years, it was nothing to throw on a pair of sneakers and jog 5 to 8 miles every single day and sometimes even in soft sand half of the way as I lived by the beach. I actually enjoyed running because it helped me clear my mind and gave me good exercise at the same time.
So for me, it was somewhere between an effort and pleasure. But I will be candid, there were those days I did not feel like throwing on those sneakers and running for 5 miles.

But an even more pleasurable thing for me living by the ocean was surfing. I loved to swim, I loved to surf, I loved boogie boarding and I could find myself in the water for two or even three hours and not realize how much time had gone by. This form of “exercise” was not tedious at all; in fact, it was fun and pleasurable and the byproduct was really good exercise.

However, I hated going into a gym and working out for an hour and literally watch the minutes go by until my hour was up. It was grueling, it was tedious, and it was discouraging, but it was necessary when I wasn’t able to run or swim. In recent years, I found another fun sport called pickle ball that has a similar effect as running and swimming for me and for others.

But how does this relate to singing?

If we can find things that make us smile, get us excited, and things we can look forward to rather than feeling the weight of the arduousness of vocal exercises, we find ourselves practicing longer, more often, and with greater enthusiasm.

So in this video, I wanted to show you fun ways to improve pitch rather than fearing it!

I hope you find this information beneficial on your singing journey!

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