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Which Countries Have The Best Singers?

By January 5, 2022No Comments

You know, some people may write this off as coincidence, some people may write this off as timing, some people may write this off as epicenters that are created by like-minded people congregating and reproducing greatness in those centers of musical influence.

While some of that may be true, I also believe there are underlying things that generate the reproduction of incredible talents.

Without boring you with a bunch of statistics, I find it interesting that there were these epicenters throughout rock, pop and soul history. And often times, this came from very unlikely places.

When I think of the Motown era, I think of Muscle Shoals, Alabama or Motown having its headquarters in Detroit. Jazz starting in New Orleans instead of New York City. Elvis coming from Mississippi and putting Memphis, Tennessee on the map!?? The rebirth of rock in the form of grunge music coming from Seattle, Washington.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

This isn’t to say that once an explosion happens in one area that many people from around the world migrate to that area, creating an even greater influence.

But in this video, we explore where some of the greatest singers in the world have come from, and there’s a bit of a twist at the end. I think you might find it interesting 🙂

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