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Dimash – Stranger – Dimashathon – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy HD

By May 30, 2022No Comments

I am a huge fan of the harmonic minor sound. What is the harmonic minor sound? It is a scale that is dominated by dissonant tones in a minor key.

Something that is very strange for me regarding this kind of sound is that I am also a big fan of history. In fact, I’m a history major from the University of Los Angeles.

No one really knows how this minor scale has migrated to countries in Eastern Europe, in Spain and Portugal, Greece, most of Arabia, and the rest of the Middle East. Variations of this sound have even reached the Far East.

But one thing is for sure, music in minor keys is melancholic, haunting, and memorable, and evokes emotion like none other.

I hope you enjoy my commentary on “Stranger.”

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