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Rainbow – Stone Cold ft. Kayla Reeves – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

By May 2, 2022No Comments

I remember when this song “Stone Cold” by Rainbow first came out in 1982. And I thought to myself “Dang, another great song by Deep Purple/Rainbow with yet another great singer from the Deep Purple clan. Joe Lynn Turner’s extremely smooth voice, impeccable pitch and tone, and perfect range for a soul rock blues pop song. And it was kind of unusual and a departure from a lot of the progressive music Deep Purple was known for and moving into the space of more radio-friendly music.

When I asked Kayla “What song would you like to do next?” and she said: “Stone Cold by Rainbow”, I was surprised that she, as a 28-year-old Texas girl, even knew what that song was! But I shouldn’t be surprised because greatness attracts greatness. So we thought we would take on this great epic, timeless piece! Let us know how we did!

I give you “Stone Cold” by Rainbow (Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner!) ft. Kayla Reeves.

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