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She’s Gone – Steelheart – 1 Year Vocal Transformation – Vinny Angeli

By June 29, 2022No Comments

So here we are at the one-year anniversary of Vinny doing Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy!

Vinny came to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy with ZERO singing experience.

For those of you that have not been following our singing journey, at month seven we decided to put out our first two singing transformation videos.

The first one was “All Out Of Love” by Air Supply.
You can watch it here:

One of Vinny’s first main goals was to attain as much range as he could in this short amount of time. We felt the range on this particular song had a bar that was set pretty high and it was up to us to see if we could attain it. I think we did a pretty good job if you ask me 🙂

Our second main goal was to see how close we could get to some of Vinny’s greatest singing idols. The first two that we chose were George Michael and Michael Jackson.

So at month seven, we decided to take on “Careless Whisper” by George Michael.
You can watch that performance here:

At month eight, we felt we were ready to try out our skills with Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”.
You can check out that video here:

But we still felt like we had some work to do in the “range” department.
Vinny also has a big love for high range 80’s metal belting. One of the highest bars ever set for this kind of singing is from the group Steelheart. And one of the most difficult songs from that group is this song called “She’s Gone”.

So right at the one year anniversary mark of Vinny’s doing KTVA, we decided to step up to the plate and take it on.

We not only did all of the notes in the original version, but we added a few extra notes on top of it!

We hope you enjoy it and continue to enjoy Vinny’s singing transformation journey with KTVA!

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