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I get asked often about singing in different environments.

Turns out it’s a pretty big deal!

For example, singing in the shower, with all of the reverb and echo of a bathroom, is a whole lot easier than to try to sing outside in open spaces.

The obvious, or maybe not-so-obvious reason, is because when you sing indoors there is more reflection off of walls, floors and ceilings, which gives you the ability to hear yourself better and not over-sing.

This explains why we use headphones, in-ear monitors, or stage monitor wedges and side-fills — to hear ourselves better without trying to power our voice over other instruments, etc.—.

The other thing about singing in different environments is this: if we only practice in a very controlled vocal booth, studio or even bedroom, we limit ourselves to this reflective quality I’m referring to, that kind of reverb we get when we sing indoors (or in the same “safe” space that we are used to).

As I discuss in this video, I strongly recommend practicing in different spaces and environments, so that when “showtime” comes, you are familiar with these differences and can adjust to different performance venues.

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