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Nazareth – Love Hurts – Dan McCafferty – Isolated Vocal Tracks

By July 6, 2022No Comments

It’s kinda funny.

There are these songs floating around out there that get so little attention in comparison to the amount of influence they have wielded over decades of music.

And I’m not just talking about the song itself, but in this particular case, the raspy vocals of Dan McCafferty.

I cannot tell you how many interviews I have seen over the years of singers declaring their inspiration coming from Dan (this is also true of Ian Lloyd from the band “The Stories”. While I know that Janis Joplin gets overwhelming credit for a raspy vocal tone, these brothers were also extremely influential, they just did not get the notoriety).

Singers such as Axl Rose, Jeff Keith, Gabriela Guncikova, Joan Jett, Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams and so many others have lauded Dan as a huge influence.

So it is with much enthusiasm that I am sharing my exploration of the isolated vocals of one of the most intense raspy voices of all time. Mr. Dan McCafferty!

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