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I am continuing a small series on “How to sing any song.”

My first video on this subject garnered more than 5 million views (you can see it here: which helped me realize the interest people had for learning how to sing their favorite song.

Many people don’t realize that the best approach to learning a song is to break it down one section at a time and practice only that section until it is somewhat mastered. Then move on to the next section and add each section of the song together, one at a time to complete learning the entire song.

While this might sound like a strange approach, this has been used in opera for hundreds of years.

Each section of a song in an aria is broken down one section at a time until it is mastered and then strung together to complete the entire piece.

And not only that, once that song is mastered this is the same exact approach for singing an entire aria.

I am sharing this technique with you because I want you to be successful at singing that song you’ve always wanted to sing, but maybe were too intimidated and/or had your confidence broken because you couldn’t master it swallowing the whole elephant in one gulp.

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