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Guitar was my first instrument. I never thought of myself as a singer.

Until I became increasingly frustrated at “waiting on the singer”, not being able to express my own thoughts and heart, and had to rely and depend on others to express my music.

The voice is an instrument. Arguably maybe one of the greatest instruments of all.

I personally believe that most instrumentalists (if they believed they could do it), would actually sing themselves, if they looked at their own voice as an instrument, and treated and trained it as such.

But society and culture has scared most people away from singing because we are taught that the singer was either born that way or not.

This is absolutely not true.

Of course, it is true that some people are more naturally gifted than others, and therefore it becomes easier for them, but trust me, everyone has to work at it, just like any instrument.

At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, I walk you through the components and the fundamentals of what it takes to become great at singing.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – Where the PROOF is in the SINGING!