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How To Sing Like Eddie Vedder – Pearl Jam – Even Flow

By September 19, 2022September 21st, 2022No Comments

Pearl Jam had already recorded the instrumental demo for “Even Flow” two months before Eddie Vedder even joined the band and once he came onboard he went on to write the lyrics for the song.

What other well-known songs can you think of that were left partially complete for an extended period of time before a new band member came in to finish the tune? Share with me in the comments!

As I demonstrate how to sing like Eddie, I’ll explain how he got that distinct sound that so many singers after him tried to replicate.

I’ll also break down how he got that cool tone while using a fair amount of diaphragmatic support, and how he used a lot of quick vocal stabs throughout the song.

Check it out!

And here is the full version of the song:

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