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Hmmm where do I begin?

Should we start by her wearing a raw meat dress, her perfume of blood and semen, wearing a live cockroach hat, mocking the catholic church in her “Judas” video, attending the Met baseball game in underwear, deliberately getting puked on at SXSW, covering herself in blood on stage, “Giving Birth Live” on Saturday Night Live, glorifying bulimia, setting her boobs on fire, arriving at the AMAs on a human horse, shaving and tattooing her head in public, her “Big Bird” headdress outfit, and the list goes on and on.

Am I here to bag on Lady Gaga?

Well, I guess I won’t call her out for her songwriting like she accused Madonna of not writing her own music.

And she certainly is quite outrageous in her antics to get attention.

So where do we differentiate between sensationalism and talent?

Now, before I get to judgmental and “poor Lady Gaga”, artists throughout the ages have always done outrageous things to get attention:

Remember when Gino Vannelli chained himself to the A&M records gate until someone would listen to his music which secured him a record contract? Or how about biting off bat heads? Sophia Urista peeing on a fan’s face during a performance? The Red Hot Chili Peppers performing naked? GG Allin shat himself on stage and smeared it on his face? Alice Cooper biting off the head of a chicken live on stage? And the list goes on and on…

So where does the talent come in?

I will give it to Lady Gaga. She has worked extremely hard on her craft, musically, and fortunately for us, has steered away from using sensationalism as the main force to getting her musical attention.

I believe she now focuses on her music instead of outrageous antics as we will see in this video 🙂

Here are Kati Cher’s versions of the Gaga songs I go over in this video:
Shallow – A Star Is Born:
Look What I Found:
I’ll Always Remember Us This Way – A Star Is Born:
Born This Way:

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – Where The PROOF Is In The SINGING!

Kati Cher