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It’s easy!

Step #1 Become a Beatle
Step #2 Write some of the greatest songs in the world
Step #3 Have them produced and orchestrated by one of the greatest music producers in the world
Step #4 Record it in one of the greatest recording studios in the world
Step #5 Surround yourself with other bandmates that are also exceptional songwriters

Seriously though, I’m sorry for the offensive title of “How to sing like Paul McCartney”.

But if you could be so good as to humor me a little bit on some of his approaches to singing from a technical, emotional, passion-driven, and well-crafted song standpoint, I would appreciate your obliging me.

This is going to be a bit of a strange comment but I hope you’re OK with my opinion on this.

While I know the Beatles were wildly successful in their heyday, I believe the greatest success came over time. See how much the Beatles influenced the world of music spanning now over 5 decades.

Paul McCartney is one of those extraordinary artists that straddle somewhere between the “singer songwriter” and an extremely unique artist-driven voice.

In this video, we explore many aspects of Paul and his incredible artistry.

I would love for you to come along for the ride and enjoy it with me 🙂

Here is my version of Maybe I’m Amazed: and
here is how I sang Helter Skelter:

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