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By November 9, 2022No Comments

I’ll never forget a recent event at the Grammys.

First off:
I am a huge promoter and fan of new talent especially if it really is “talent”, and of course, I have an affinity towards music that I like, so I tend to root for styles I like more than anything else.

The event that I saw happen was when Greta Van Fleet won 3 Grammys for:

Best Rock Album 2019
Best Rock Performance 2019
Best New Artist 2019

And I thought to myself, how interesting! What I like about Greta Van Fleet is their very heavy influences of Led Zeppelin (which early on in their career they denied).

In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and even say that this was the reason they received those awards.

But the irony is that Led Zeppelin never won a Grammy themselves.

Yes, they have received gratuitous awards several decades later on, some smaller placating offshoot acknowledgements, but they’ve never actually won a Grammy for any of their songs or as a band collectively.

In my mind, there are only four things we can deduce from this:

1). At the time Led Zeppelin was at the zenith of their career, there must have been so many incredible bands vying for that slot that Led Zeppelin was not popular enough to win a Grammy.

2). The Grammys were not set up enough at this time to take this hard rock genre seriously enough to give them a Grammy.

3). There were political power plays going on behind the scenes that suppressed their winning a Grammy.

4). If my first point is true, then what in the world does that tell you about the state of music today? Could Led Zeppelin win a Grammy today? Are there currently so many incredible bands that could push them out of that slot?

The Grammys aren’t perfect, and it’s easy to bag on them for artists that they don’t include, just like it’s easy to bag on the rock Hall of Fame for artists they don’t include.

But when something is this glaringly obvious, there must be more at play here than just a simple addition and subtraction of an artist’s sales, popularity, touring revenue/attendance, artistry, and overall impact/influence that artist has earned.

In this video, we explore some of these glaringly obvious outrageous omissions and snubs from the Grammys.

I would like to hear your thoughts and comments on who you think should have one and why? And what you think is behind all of this Grammy prejudice.

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