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Survivor – I Can’t Hold Back – Cover

By November 25, 2022No Comments

I would like to share something with you that has been on my heart.

I already know that when I release this song, I will get very few views, but I’m doing it for a different reason.

(Stay with me on this one, I promise it will be worth your time).

I want to talk to you about social media popularity.

Algorithms of social media work in such a way that when something gets “searched”, it gets searched even more because the algorithm of any given social media platform “features” or “recommends” things based on its “search value”.

Stay with me, stay with me!

This creates a kind of “feedback loop” of what gets searched and what gets promoted.

For example:

If “Axl Rose” gets searched, he will get more features and more recommendations. The more features and recommendations he gets, the more popular he becomes. The more popular he becomes, the more searches he gets. The more searches he gets, the more features and recommendations he gets. And therefore this ecosystem or feedback loop feeds on itself.

This is one of the greatest reasons that new music has an extraordinarily difficult time getting any traction on any social media platform.

It’s simply not being searched because it’s brand new and no one knows to look for it.

What this has done is, it has taken a very select few artists that continue to get featured over and over again, and therefore they become more popular and more searched, and the cycle continues.

Back to the reason why I recorded this song.

There are vocalists out there few will ever get to know because they are not “one of the chosen few darlings of the internet” that get to be in this Popularity Feedback Loop.

I would like to focus on rock singers that have benefited from this continued Popularity Feedback Loop and then I would also like to make some of my own suggestions.

Here are a few of the internet suggested “chosen ones”:
Axl Rose
Steve Perry
Freddie Mercury
Ozzy Osbourne
Steven Tyler
Sebastian Bach
Stevie Nicks
Ann Wilson
Kurt Cobain
Jon Bon Jovi
James Hetfield
Eddie Vedder
Bruce Dickinson
Chester Bennington
Bons Scott/Brian Johnson
David Lee Roth
And a few others…

But there are some absolutely extraordinary singers that are slipping through the cracks because they are not in the favored “feedback loop”.

A few of those singers are:
Lou Gramm
Steve Walsh
Brad Delp
Mickey Thomas
Miljenko Matijević
John Waite
Paul Carrack
(and now declining David Coverdale, DIO, and quite a few others).

With that said, I wanted to showcase one of these greats by the name of Jimi Jamison and the band “Survivor”.

Many of you probably remember the famous Rocky soundtrack “Eye of the Tiger” with the original singer of Survivor, David Bickler.

Jimi took David’s place and went on to sing songs such as:
“High On You”,
“The Search Is Over”,
“Burning Heart”,
and a few others.

The song I chose is “I Can’t Hold Back.”

I wanted to present this song and will continue to present other songs of other incredible singers that are not getting featured like the top algorithm flavor of the month vocalists.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope you visit the original track and some of their other incredible original material.

If you have suggestions of singers you think my channel should know about, please put their names and even a link to their song(s) in the Comments section, so other people can enjoy your favorite artists!

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