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The Outrageous Publicity Stunts By Musicians

By November 2, 2022No Comments

When I was young, I remember hearing stories of Gino Vannelli chaining himself to the A&M records gate entrance to get them to listen to his music.

Another wives tale I heard was that “Men At Work” snuck into the top tower of the president of the Universal Records Australia’s office disguised as maintenance men, locking all the doors to get the label head to hear their music. Hence their name “Men At Work.”

I remember when Jizzy Pearl chained himself to the Hollywood Sign and got arrested (I was actually in a band with Jizzy/Jim Wilkinson many years ago ha ha).

And this is far from just being isolated to musicians! Many artists, actors and actresses, and even major companies have resorted to outrageous tactics to get their products the highest possible visibility and notoriety.

In this video, we explore some of the crazy things people have done to get attention!

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