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Save Me – Ken Tamplin Original Song

By January 2, 2023No Comments

I remember when I wrote this song back in 1991.

Grunge was taking over the rock world, and I watched the complete implosion of Classic Rock and 80s metal.

I even went as far as to create an album that plagiarized some of the Rock’s greatest moments and combined them all in an album to see if there was really anything left of commercial Rock music. I was also experimenting with taking famous quotations and stringing them together to create songs. Not random quotations, but very thought-out lyrics, done in a way that also included some of the greatest poets in world history. A one-two punch, so to speak, for my self-titled Tamplin album.

The album did go on to win a Dove Award and enjoyed some radio success, but for the most part, it just didn’t have the legs it needed to become truly successful.

In fact, almost no one from the 80s rock era was having any success at all at that time.

And for some reason, I was just not resonating with grunge music.

I did like the voices of Chris Cornell, Lane Staley, and a couple of others, but the music itself was not getting into my soul.

So I decided to take a complete departure and make an acoustic pop album with live horns, strings, choirs, etc..

This song “Save Me” is the quintessential example of that album.

I was not only trying to make a musical statement but a lyrical statement as well.

I felt alone, distraught, forgotten, with very little hope from the music that I had growing up on.

In fact, the opening line of this song is: “Here in my little lonely room. You know lonesome is a bad place to get crowded into. Watching the leaves of life falling one by one, it’s got me swimming in a sea of emotion…”

This was the kind of songwriting I was going after.

And I’m still very proud of this album and I hope you enjoy one of the songs from it!

Save Me!

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