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What does it mean to sing froggy? Kind of exactly what it sounds like. A frog croaking!
That’s what many think of their voice when they want to learn to sing or when they go to sing.

Is there a remedy for this? Indeed there is!

A froggy sound is caused by a raised laryngeal position. And while those may sound like fancy words, they’re really not.

Think of your Adam’s apple rising in your throat when you go to sing, and particularly when you go to start to sing higher notes.

Your Adam’s apple is your larynx and when it rises, it can constrict the throat and cut off air supply and the ability to project sound to where you sound like you are choking, pinching, squeezing, and literally “croaking” in your throat.

In this video, I discuss how to overcome this and how to train the larynx to stay in a neutral position for clear open throat singing.

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