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Van Halen – Panama – Cover – Kati Cher

By May 12, 2023No Comments

Here at KTVA, we pride ourselves in taking on some of the most difficult songs to sing in all of rock and pop history.

However, there are also times we just wanna have fun and enjoy a song that we love or a band that we like, and do something to let off some steam!

Van Halen’s Panama is one of those songs!

Kati and I were in the studio, kind of taking a break, and saying “if we were just to do a fun party song what would that be?”

Kati and I had a Vulcan mind meld as we both said Van Halen at the same time, ha, ha!

We had already done Jump for my channel.
We talked about Hot For Teacher, Dance The Night Away, You Really Got Me, Beautiful Girls, and so on, and somehow we just resonated with Panama!

So, full blast, top down, reach down, ease the seat back, and get ready for… Panama!

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