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Lara Fabian – Adagio – Cover – Gabbi Gun (Gabriela Gunčíková)

Possibly one of the greatest pop ballads ever recorded, at least from a vocal technical perspective. If you have ever attempted to sing this song, you know how high Lara Fabian set the bar (Whitney Houston high).

And I’ve really not heard many, or even anybody, truly get close to the greatness of Lara Fabian’s themed version of this epic piece.

So of course, we here at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy had to put our hat in the ring and give it a shot!

And guess who decided to step up to the plate to take this on? Gabbi Gun (Gabriela Gunčíková), because we are not afraid to take on the most epic pieces of all of Pop and Rock history!

I think Gabbi did a phenomenal job. What say you?

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