Vocal Distortion The Correct Way

One of the more powerful singing techniques is singing with distortion, using Hyper Glottal Compression. It’s how you get that great growling sound.

Many of our favorite Rock vocalists sing this way.

The key to singing this way is to do it using proper technique – if you use proper technique, your voice will be a monster that you can unleash on the world and be in control, for many years. If you don’t use proper technique – and just start screaming – the monster will destroy you and your voice, and you will have a short singing career.

Using Hyper Glottal Compression to sing with distortion requires a complete understanding and the ability to apply the concept of “support.”

Watch these two singing demonstration videos with vocal coach Ken Tamplin demonstrating how to sing using Hyper Glottal Compression correctly.

The 2nd video is a RAW VOCAL TRACK only by Ken Tamplin – so you can hear the singing technique clearly.

If you have no formal vocal training, make sure to check out The Five Laws of Singing and How To Sing before trying these exercises for yourself.

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