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AC/DC – T.N.T – ft Sara Loera

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“T.N.T” was featured on AC/DC’s first internationally released studio album: High Voltage which was a success in Europe but fared quite the opposite in the US with Rolling Stone calling it an “all time low” for hard rock in their scathing review.

Can you think of other examples where albums that were rejected by critics went on to play a huge role in rock history? Share with me in the comments!

The song was one of the first AC/DC singles to feature Bon Scott on vocals who took over as lead singer after previously being a roadie.

When recording the album the band found the best way to capture the same raw energy as their live shows was to head into the studio to record right after a gig.

Sara Loera is taking on the song in this video and we’d love to hear your feedback!

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