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Acid Reflux Part 2

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For fear of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I still must share some personal things that I know to be true.

I make absolutely no medical claims and if you have a medical condition, please see your licensed healthcare practitioner.

Over the last 20 to 30 years, I have seen a massive increase in all kinds of different medical conditions.

Much of this could be chalked up to diet and lack of exercise, etc..

And while people make fun of this comment, gluten has played a tremendous role in gut irregularities.

Yes, I could spend a lot of time talking about GMO’s and inorganic foods, but I’d like to focus on a major issue with people currently, and that is acid reflux.

In this video, I discuss some very simple things. You can try to see if this will help you with your condition.

I do have an original version of this video that is more extensive, but I did not mention this one simple technique has helped so many within my academy.

I hope you find this information, useful and helpful.

Here’s to your health!

For more information on Acid Reflux, watch my original, Acid Reflux PART 1 here:

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